Cashier Re-Design

Re-Design & User Testing

While working at Stride Gaming and after a thorough heuristic review of the cashier section on our sites, we found that it had few measure flaws and we decided to user test it as it will give us insights to discover if our users have any usability issues or difficulty in understanding of this screen.


After preparation of script, tests were conducted with 3 participants who have never used a current version of the product.


We soon found out that users on our existing cashier and the bonus screen seemed to be a considerable blocker with most users failing to complete the deposit process due to a confusion of this screen. Findings noted, we then went on to create an enhanced version based on the feedback and re-tested to find a considerable improvement.


  • Ensure an optimal deposit process
  • Drop of our looseness score
  • Through a series of iterations, increase new player satisfaction by making “deposit & bonus” page easy, accessible and enticing
  • Through a re-design of the cashier screens, we will increase the number of deposits by significant %



User test findings PART I

User quotes from our cashier’s before improvements.



User feedback on cashier bonus screens before improvements.

  • “Not sure what the bonus is.”
  • Does not understand the “no bonus for me” tick box.
  • Surprised that ticking the no bonus checkbox took her to next screen.
  • “I don’t get that.”
  • “It’s difficult because I did not know what it meant.”
  • Confused by the bonus from the last screen.
  • Users spend a large amount of time trying to figure out the bonus screen




  • Interface options should be in the same format, for example, we have tick box and select areas with arrows and the tick box are creating confusion
  • The ordering of elements is causing cognitive overload as due to promo code being in the middle of your deposit bonus choices. It should be separated to make it clearer.
  • The solution was to create a new prototype and re-test with more users to see if we solved these issues.


User Test Finding PART II

We created a new prototype of the cashier’s bonus screen based on original feedback, this was then tested
The following are the user quotes whilst testing the new improved prototype.


User feedback on cashier bonus screens after improvements.

  • “Very easy.”
  • “The experience is very easy.”
  • “Understandable.”
  • “That’s perfect, no questions.”
  • Time on this screen is dramatically reduced
  • Users complete this screen and proceed to successful deposit



UI and Prototypes

We proceed by making HiFI-UI screens and prototypes in order to be able to present it to the main stakeholders.

Being the cashier one of the most important pages on our sites, we wanted them to see our findings clearly and most importantly we wanted them to be able to make use of the new cashier to see by themselves the improvements implemented on them.

Find below a video showing a quick demonstration of the prototype.



Outcome & Recommendations

Our main recommendation to the business was to raise as soon as possible a user story to re-style the cashier and bonus section of our sites as we were certain and we had data to prove, that we could increase significantly the number of deposits.